Top Ten Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World - Travel Video

 Whether cascading down a cliff face or merrilytrickling amongst trees and shrubs, there is always something magical about waterfalls. While some dazzle and daze with their sizeand scale, others are more subtle in their beauty, as graceful curtains of water cascadeinto pretty pools below. The world is full of amazing waterfalls. While some are now popular tourist destinations,others lie almost unvisited in remote rainforest regions. Here’s a look at the most beautiful waterfallsin the world:

 Number 10. Seljalandsfoss. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in thewhole of Iceland, Seljalandsfoss is also one of its most popular. This is in large part because you can walkbehind its cascading curtain of water. While this makes for some incredible photos,the falls are just as marvellous to view from in front as they gush off the top of a 60meter high cliff. Located just off the renowned Ring Road inthe south of the island, Seljalandsfoss is not to be missed out on for its scenic settingand unique and unusual cave viewpoint. 

Number 9. Yosemite Falls. Located in the national park of the same name,Yosemite Falls in California is undoubtedly one of the most famous and photographed waterfallsin the world. Made up of the upper and lower falls withthe Middle Cascades between, the waterfall drops a colossal 739 metres down the sideof Yosemite Valley. This makes it the tallest waterfall in thewhole of the United States. While its spellbinding beauty can be enjoyedfrom many different parts of the park, it is worth hiking to the top for incomparableviews out over the valley, and the Sierra Nevada mountains beyond.

 Number 8. Plitvice Waterfalls. One of the most popular attractions in Croatia,the glorious Plitvice Waterfalls are a treat to visit. Set in a gorgeous national park, the endlessseries of glittering waterfalls course their way between lush vegetation and down limestonewalls before merrily merging with the lakes below. Blessed with clear emerald and turquoise waters,the park's 16 lakes look absolutely breathtaking, particularly with the lovely waterfalls inthe background. Wandering along the wooden walkways that meandertheir way peacefully around the park is a magical way to view the waterfalls up close. 

Number 7. Ban Gioc Falls. Straddling the border between China and Vietnam,Ban Gioc Falls is the name given to two sets of wonderful waterfalls that lie along theQuay Son River. While the multiple layers and drops of thefalls look absolutely astounding, the picture-perfect scene is completed by the lush vegetation,majestic mountains, and karst formations that lie around them. Long shut off to the world due to variousborder disputes, the falls are now an increasingly popular tourist destination; hordes of visitorstake boat trips below the cascades, coating themselves in a fine mist of spray. 

Number 6. Gullfoss. As it lies hidden in a colossal crevice thatcuts through the otherwise barren Icelandic landscape, the sheer size and scale of Gullfossonly becomes apparent the nearer you approach. Once you reach the cliff edge, however, you'llfind that the coursing cascades and enormous falls actually have the highest volume inthe whole of Europe. Lying almost at right angles to one another,its two sets of falls make for an epic sight, and its gushing roar provides the perfectsoundtrack to the dramatic surroundings. Meaning 'Golden Falls', Gullfoss is so nameddue to the color of its waters that shimmer seductively in the sun.

 Number 5. Kaieteur Falls. Snaking its way through the Amazon rainforest,the Potaro River passes some of the most pristine and untouched nature on Earth until it abruptlyreaches Kaieteur Falls. Here, the water suddenly plunges 226 metresthrough the air to the pool below, coating the surrounding area in a fine spray. Remarkably, the huge volume of water thatcourses over the fall every second makes it the largest single drop waterfall in the world. Coming in at over four times higher than NiagaraFalls, it is no wonder at all that Kaieteur Falls is one of Guyana's most popular touristattractions. 

Number 4. Angel Falls. The tallest waterfall in the world, AngelFalls in Venezuela certainly makes for one of the most spectacular sights imaginable. Shooting off the summit of a table top mountain,the fall plunges 807 meters uninterrupted to the jungle below, with much of the waterturning to mist before it reaches the ground. Adding in its other cascades and rapids andAngel Falls' total height is a whopping 979 meters. Due to its remote location in Canaima NationalPark, Angel Falls is quite hard to visit, though its stunning setting and awe-inspiringscenery certainly makes it well worth the effort. 

Number 3. Niagara Falls. Lying on the border between Canada and theUSA, Niagara Falls is one of the most famous and recognisable waterfalls on Earth. Consisting of American Falls, Bridal VeilFalls, and Horseshoe Falls, its endless wall of gushing water seemingly stretches on forever. While the various observation decks aroundthe falls offer up fantastic views and panoramas, you really need to take a boat trip belowthem to fully grasp just how large and powerful they are. Niagara Falls never fails to astound, andevery year, millions of people come to see its staggering size and beauty.

 Number 2. Victoria Falls. If you thought that Niagara Falls was large,well, Victoria Falls dwarfs it with its colossal curtain of water that stretches for 1,708metres, reaching 108 metres in height. It is these epic proportions that make VictoriaFalls the largest waterfall in the world. Breathtaking to behold, the endless flow ofwater that tumbles over the cliff almost defies belief. Fittingly, the cacophonous roar that risesfrom the gorge below and the fine spray that hangs in the air saw the falls named 'TheSmoke That Thunders' in the local Lozi language. Nestled on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe,Victoria Falls truly needs to be seen to be believed. 

Number 1. Iguazu Falls. Made up of some 275 different cascades, falls,and drops, Iguazu Falls on the Argentine-Brazilian border is the world's largest waterfall system. As such, it is the only waterfall that canrival or possibly even surpass Victoria Falls. For almost three kilometres in total, gorgeousfalls course over the Parana Plateau, with the undoubted highlight being Devil's ThroatCanyon. This is best witnessed from the Brazilianside's viewing platform, where you are greeted with teeming sheets of water, a deafeningroar, and a fine spray. With lush rainforest lying around it, thefalls are a treat to visit. Visitors can take boat trips along the IguazuRiver or explore the nearby paths and trails. 

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